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"In the art of organ building, as well as in its maintenance and care, we all too often find sources of frustration with instruments that were poorly converted to solid state functions whose components seem less than ideally designed and sometimes equally less than ideally functioning.

In our own work, we have used Syndyne systems exclusively, and are fully satisfied with the intelligence of the product designs, and the quality of their construction. We are also very pleased with the clarity of installation manuals, and the reliability of the products. And the customer support has been first-class! We wouldn't even consider using ANY of the other products available in the industry, and in fact wish we could convert other systems in our care to Syndyne.

Puget Sound Pipe Organs wholly endorses this product, and will continue to be very happy and satisfied consumers and patrons."

James R. Stettner, President & Tonal Director

Michael A. Way, Engineering

Puget Sound Pipe Organs

Stanwood, Washington

"I love [the] new 8400-series systems. Connections to the organ are more compact. The 8400 systems don't have ethernet hubs and such to go flakey and cause problems. Every output is rated at 2 amps, and everything is configured from the system touch screen without ever needing anything to be emailed or uploaded. I think the touch screen beats dealing with [a] dial. We've always had wonderful and friendly support from Syndyne.

I am happy to give a very positive reference for the Syndyne 8400-series systems, and look forward to installing many more of them in the coming months and years."

David Hufford, Co-Owner

Renaissance Pipe Organ

"It is quite a treat and experience to be able to step away from the console and watch the Pro-Filer select the Memory level, preset pistons and begin playing what has been recorded.

My organ sounds much better away from the console at the back of the room where the various divisional sounds can mix and balance. Watching the stops change as per my pre-sets was the ultimate big-boy toy thing!

I am very pleased with my purchase, and I know it and the organ will provide me with years of enjoyment in the future. Thank you for your service and your product."

Dr. Dale E. McCune

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I had a chance to play the rebuilt console this afternoon. It is magnificent--fast, reliable, responsive. It's like playing a brand new instrument. The new Syndyne digital system worked flawlessly."

Dr. Henry Aldridge, Head Organist

Michigan Theater

Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Best thing I can say about Syndyne... In the last 10 years we have almost exclusively used Syndyne Systems... that's 40-50 jobs. Only had one board failure and Syndyne was "Johnny on the spot" to take care of it. The out of the box reliability is unequalled, site flexibility is unmatched, and the support team at Syndyne is superb! The nature of how the boards are laid out leads to neat and tidy installations. If you make it, we use it."

Bill Hesterman

Rocky Mountain Organ Co INC.

"I appreciate that you all will be putting on your Superhero Capes to try and get this one done for us. It really is a HUGE BLESSING that we can't thank you enough for!"

Sheila Colby

Roger A Colby INC.