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A Brief Syndyne History

For over 50 years, Syndyne has been an essential supplier of quality products to the pipe organ industry. With thousands of control systems and millions of console components in the field, Syndyne remains a trusted partner for the majority of organ builders across the globe.

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The Syndyne name is derived from "synergy in human dynamics". We believe that the sum of our effort together is greater than what our individual efforts can achieve. Syndyne's teamwork and excellent staff provide an impressive level of customer service. Our team not only has excellent synergy, but it is also perfectly sized to support the organ industry. Syndyne is large enough to be there when you need us, providing fast lead times, custom order fulfillment, and long term stability. Yet, our company is a closely knit team small enough to optimize the needs of the pipe organ industry, providing extremely competitive pricing and a personalized touch to serve you.

Syndyne is a family owned and operated company with core values that reflect the passionate spirit associated with the "King of Instruments". Serving the pipe organ industry by tirelessly pursuing better, more efficient products is ingrained into our progressive nature. From the first stop control Syndyne produced, to the impressive, expandable MS8400 Control System, manufacturing excellence and quality service has been our primary goal.

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