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MS8416 AC Chime Driver

MS8416 AC Chime Driver

The MS8416 AC Chime Driver Card has 25 note outputs and 6 volume control outputs. The builder can configure the AC chime driver from the comfort of the console. The chime driver's configuration can be backed up to a USB flash drive for a quick restore if the MS8416 needs to be replaced. Syndyne's chime volume selector switch, the MS8407CV, can be easily configured to control the 6 transformer tap connections on the MS8416.


Length: 19"Width: 4"Height: 1-3/4"


  • The MS8400 system can have up to 318 chamber drivers (shared between 8416 and 8406)
  • Drives 25 notes of AC chimes
  • Standardized firmware that can be upgraded using a USB flash drive
  • Modular design allows the builder to expand their system easily
  • The MS8416 has a 7.5 amps main fuse
  • Each output is capable of driving a 2 amp load
  • 6 Triac Outputs are dedicated to control chime volume
  • Volume outputs can be controlled by any selector input on the MS8401
  • Completely configurable by the organ builder
  • All programming is simple, fast, and can be done from the console
  • Solderless connectors on board are simple to hook up.
  • The MS8416 configuration can be saved on a USB flash drive