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MS8406 Chamber Driver

MS8406 Chamber Driver

The MS8406 chamber driver has 80 outputs that can be used to drive pipe magnets, swell motors, stop lines, and trap lines. The MS8406's simple and versatile design grants the organ builder complete control over how the system plays the pipe organ. The builder can configure the chamber drivers from the comfort of the console and the programs can be saved and stored on a USB flash drive in case of lightning strike or other damage to a driver.


Length: 19"Width: 4"Height: 1-1/2"


  • The MS8400 can have up to 318 chamber drivers with 80 outputs each
  • Handles all driving needs in the chamber (Except AC Chimes)
  • Standardized firmware that can be upgraded using a USB flash drive
  • Modular design allows the builder to expand their system easily
  • Each card has a 15 amp main fuse
  • Each output is capable of driving a 2 Amp load
  • Each output is reverse voltage protected
  • Each output is short circuit protected
  • Completely configurable
  • Can create custom mixtures and resultants
  • Provides outputs for up to 128 stages of expression (spread across multiple cards)
  • Any output can drive a stop or trap line
  • System configuration is simple, fast, and done from the console
  • Each output has a fly back diode
  • Accelerated note response for slider chests
  • The MS8406 configuration can be saved on a USB flash drive