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MS8405 Touch Screen

MS8405 Touch Screen

The MS8405 Full Color Touch Screen provides the builder and organist with the latest technological advances in organ control systems. This single display provides security, intuitive configuration, and scalable control. If additional display real estate is desired, a second LCD display can be installed to provide continual access to indicators such as memory and crescendo level. The MS8405 simplifies the installation process and provides the organist with something to brag about.


Length: 3-1/4"Width: 4-1/4"Height: 1-3/4"


  • Primary display for the MS8400 System
  • Uses a premium LCD display and touch screen with significant lifetimes
  • Smart design allows for flexible mounting scenarios
  • Screen can be used to secure the pipe organ with multiple access codes
  • Allows the setup and customization of up to 50 organists
  • Each organist has a customizable performance screen
  • Color scheme and brightness customizable for each organist
  • Configure the entire organ through this intuitive interface
  • Provides an easy to use interface as opposed to cryptic alpha numeric displays
  • Standardized firmware can be upgraded using a USB flash drive
  • Builder can allow or deny access to nearly all functions in the system
  • Integrated RF remote control for record/playback and wireless tuning (coming soon)
  • Built in MIDI record and playback functionality, similar to the Syndyne Pro-Filer
  • Multiple touch screens can be used to maximize organist?s access to features
  • Simple chassis and bezel design provides easy and attractive mounting