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MS8404 Key Input

MS8404 Key Input

The MS8404 Key Input Card has 61 note inputs, an analog expression input, and pins available for acquiring key feed directly on the card. and pins available for acquiring key feed directly on the card. The key contacts are scanned and updated every 4 milliseconds. The expression input can be programmed to turn on outputs in the chamber. Both positive and negative key feed pins are provided along with the keying inputs in order to wire the key feed in with the rest of the keying bundle.


Length: 15"Width: 4"Height: 1-1/2"


  • Key contacts are scanned and transmitted to the chamber every 4 milliseconds
  • Modular design allows the builder to expand their system easily
  • The system can handle up to 32 divisions of keying across 4 consoles
  • Cards can be easily configured by the organ builder in the field
  • The MS8404 has an active sense fail safe to protect keying data sent to the chamber
  • Each MS8404 card has a programmable 128 step expression input
  • The expression input can be attached to either a 5k or 10k Ohm potentiometer
  • Two manual transfers can be easily programmed
  • Coupling is handled by the chamber drivers simplifying non-coupling stops
  • If one key input card is damaged, the remaining cards continue to play
  • Built in diagnostics are available to show each note input number as they turn on