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MS8403 Piston Controller

MS8403 Piston Controller

Each MS8403 Piston Controller Card can manage 28 pistons, including lamp/LED drivers for each piston. The system has capacity for up to 224 pistons per console in up to 4 consoles. Every piston in the system can be easily configured by the organ builder. In addition to configuring pistons as Generals or Divisionals, there are 39 special piston functions available as well. A few of these include: General Cancel, Divisional Cancel, Set, Reversible, Reversible with Cancel, Manual Transfer, Memory Level Up, Memory Level Down, Ventil, Sforzando, Tutti, Autopedal, Sequence Next, Sequence Previous, Blind Check, etc.


Length: 15"Width: 4"Height: 1-1/2"


  • Modular design allows the builder to expand systems in increments of 28 pistons
  • Pistons on the same card can be programmed to operate on different divisions
  • Any piston can be programmed to be a reversible or other special piston
  • The system can have up to 4 consoles with 224 pistons in each console
  • Standardized firmware that can be upgraded using a USB flash drive
  • Easily programmable on site using the touch screen. No PC required
  • Card includes 28 indicators that can drive either a lamp or LED
  • If a single card is damaged, the rest of the piston cards continue working
  • Pistons do not need to be multiplexed
  • General pistons can be sequenced using pistons inputs
  • General piston sequencer can be set to sequence through memory levels
  • Manual transfers can swap pistons as well as keying
  • Reversible with cancel will pull off other stops along with the reversible stop
  • Extensive list of special piston modes are available