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MS8402 Stop Controller

MS8402 Stop Controller

The MS8402 Stop Controller Card can control up to 20 stops. The Master System can support a total of 64 stop controller cards for an overall system size of up to 1280 stops. There are no special wiring requirements for stops with the MS8402. Stops can be easily organized into divisions and made into couplers or reversibles using the friendly touch screen interface of the MS8405.


Length: 15"Width: 4"Height: 1-1/2"


  • Modular design allows the builder to expand their system in increments of 20 stops
  • Each card stores up to 5000 memory levels for its 20 stops
  • Memory levels are divided across 50 organists at 100 memory levels each
  • Standardized firmware can be upgraded using a USB flash drive
  • Programmable on site using the touch screen (No PC required)
  • Stops on the same card can be grouped into different divisions
  • Stop can be programmed as a coupler, reversible, and/or MIDI
  • Stops can be programmed to turn on any output in the chamber as a stop line
  • Two separate crescendos are available with 60 steps each
  • Each crescendo has 4 memory levels available for each of the 50 organists
  • Organists can copy crescendo memory levels from other organists
  • Blind check mode can be activated, showing stops set to crescendo, tutti, or ventils
  • If a single card is damaged, the rest of the stop cards continue playing
  • Each organist can program 4 settings for each of two tuttis/SFZs
  • Organist memory levels can be protected by an access code
  • Organists can easily backup/restore their memory levels
  • Programmable pulse time
  • Available in either a positive or negative drive version for coils
  • Each output is short circuit protected