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MS8410 MIDI Board

MS8410 MIDI Board

The MS8410 is a feature-rich device that converts divisional keying, expression, console registration and temperature into MIDI messages for use with a digital sound module. Using the organ console, the organ builder can configure the MS8410 to operate with many different types of sound modules. The configuration information can be backed up to a USB drive for quick restoration if the MS8410 ever needs to be replaced.


Length: 7-1/4"Width: 3-1/4"Height: 1-1/4"


  • Converts keying information to MIDI automatically or assigned to a stop control
  • Any stop, anywhere in the MS8400 can be programmed as a MIDI stop
  • Up to 16 MIDI stops can be assigned per MS8410 (1 per MIDI channel)
  • Coupling can be included or excluded in keying conversion
  • MIDI notes can be transposed up or down by two octaves
  • First and last keys for MIDI conversion are settable for bass extensions (allows coupling and transposition beyond the scope of the keyboard)
  • Settable minimum expression (0-127)
  • Organ expression shoes can control either MIDI volume or MIDI expression
  • Master volume can be set on each MIDI channel
  • MIDI stops can be locked out and hidden for permanent sound modules
  • Organists can assign and change unlocked MIDI stops quickly from the console
  • Stops can be converted to messages that pipe organ sound modules will recognize (Call for a list of approved sound modules)
  • A temperature sensor (CS6404) can be added to automatically tune a MIDI device
  • Tuning can be controlled without a temperature sensor by using a pot on the MS8401
  • Can have up to 8 MS8410's in a single system
  • MIDI-In, MIDI-Out, and MIDI-Thru