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The Pro-Filer

The Pro-Filer

The Pro-Filer is used to record and playback MIDI files. It has a touch screen interface that allows the user to record and load songs, and create play lists. It uses standard USB flash drives which can store whole hymnals worth of music.


Length: 3-3/4"Width: 4-1/4"Height: 1-17/25"


  • 3.5 inch color graphical display with touch screen
  • 1/384 of quarter note resolution
  • Settable color themes
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Songs can be named with up to 8 characters
  • Can view folders created on a PC for greater organization
  • Create play lists of songs
  • Play, rewind, fast-forward, stop, and record MIDI songs
  • Records directly to USB drive
  • Compact design for low profile installation
  • Plays standard MIDI 0 files